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Video game rap battles of this century!!!


Season 1Edit

  1. Skydoesminecraft vs CaptainSparklez. Minecraft youtuber Skydoesminecraft battles out with another minecraft youtuber to see who is better.
  2. StampyLongHead vs TheDiamondMinecart. British minecraft youtubers Stampy and DanTDM battle to see who is the better british minecraft player.
  3. KYRSp33dy vs VanossGaming. Sp33dy fights vanoss to see who is the better GTA V and CoD player.
  4. Trevor Phillips vs Edward Kenway. GTA V's protagonist Trevor battles Ass.Creed IV's protagonist Edward Kenway to see who is more badass.
  5. The Pyro vs PEKKA. TF2's character the pyro battles with Clash of Clans' PEKKA to see who is more maniacal than the other.
  6. Herobrine vs Slenderman. The infamous ghost of minecraft, herobrine, goes head to head with Slenderman from the game Slender to see who frightens the players more.

Season 2 Edit

  1. Darude vs The Epic Sax Guy. Two foreign musicians battle it out to see who is the best at making livestream music.

(Overwatch vs Team Fortress 2 Week) Edit

  1. Torbjõrn Lindholm vs Dell Conagher. Overwatch's Swedish engineer battles with TF2's Texan engineer to see who builds stuff the best.
  2. Angela Ziegler vs The Medic. Swiss medic Mercy faces off against TF2's German teutonic man of medicine to find out who is the better doctor.