Woody: Wow your American I thought you were Russian!

I even thought you were European in fact!

Your show inflated when it was created!

Regular Show isn't irregular you are!

CBS Buried you & Nick Jr. carried you!

Dora: Your an antagonist to Americans protagonist!

Wow were both in medias & in encyclopedias though I swam there harder!

Your stuff even got cuffed to jail!

Woody: Yes you Latina got married to Athena!

Your love went above the budget!

Your even going to get arrested on the quest to the Amazon!

Because you ain't stopping for Cinnabon!

Dora: Help me Boots.

He's to powerful.

Boots: AHAH! But only if you back me up.

Dora: Ok.

Boots: hey go on an adventure with the crew of the misadventures of Flapjack!

Dora: I had those for breakfast too copycat!

Boots: Your toons are too short

Boots: & you air them while we take a poo

Rap Meanings

  1. He messes with stereotypes
  2. same as 1
  3. He says the show Dora the Explorer was bad
  4. He says Regular Show is regular & Dora isn't
  5. In 2006 Dora The Explorer no longer aired on CBS & was carried to Nick Jr.
  6. She says Woody is racist
  7. They're both on television & on Wikipedia & she says she will stay there longer than him
  8. She says his stuff is in jail
  9. He says that she is married to the God Athena
  10. Her love went higher than Bill Gates highest budget to him
  11. He wants her to be arrested at the Amazon River
  12. He doesn't want her to go to Cinnabon
  13. He wants him to go on an adventure with Flapjack & crew
  14. She misuses the use of Flapjack they're also the name of pancakes
  15. Toy Story Toons are their short cartoons
  16. He & she makes a poo when they air
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