Super mysterious: Wow you really think it's Dependence Day aka. July 5th?

To let you know it's Independence Day aka. July 4th!

WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you? 

You're looking like a boo.

You're the Fifth of july.

Aka. the Fourth of july.

Well go ahead learn some grammer.

Or otherwise i'll smack you with this hammer!

Fifth of july: you tree sap suckar!

you can't win aginst me! You're histary.

ask jim hensen, ben frenklin, or chris hansin who is bettar! they'll choose me!

you're not supar. you're just a litle bitch!

snitch on this july! i'm fly! you're high!

go bac to eating baby food and watching winni the poo!

you're misterius? ha! moar like a coat at the k-mart!

Super mysterious: You're real birthday is a mystery.

Because you got lost in a mist.

You're a disgrace in the world.

But I wish that you got abandoned on a road!

You can't never get mad.

Cause you're so glad.

That i'll kick you're ass!


don't piss me off, man. you're messin with the reel og, bitch, plz!

nobudy wants you heer. they cheer me, huray!

go bac to antartecca, you prymat! or maybee the laundrymat!

it's not gud to get mad, but you'll be sad wen this is dun!

go back to waatchin my letl ponee with yur dawg.

shudnt you be rapin? or rahppin? you snap dragun!

everywun will vot for me, and youll fall and behg on yur nees!

Who Won?

The poll was created at 22:59 on July 22, 2013, and so far 6 people voted.

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