Toad: Why would you eat a fruit in a boot?

Your a ninja never on a mission ever since 2010!

When's the last time your downloads were even used?

I chopped your staff in half.

With Master Shifu!

You were a brick but turned into a prick!

Like a dill pickel!

Your company is called Halfbrick!

Make it Staffprick!

Fruit Ninja: Your friend isn't Mario it's Wario!

Why wasn't Luigi Bario?

They're's a dozen of you citizen!

Dumped in Lake Micigan!

You ain't loyal or royal!

The law isn't about attendants it's independence!

It's the law of 3rd parties!

Octagon: Snake someone said 3rd parties.

I think you'll be useful for this person.

You want to come?

Solid Snake: Sure!

Did somebody say 3rd party?

Welcome to the base of the military.

Look at this a mushroom & a nude guy in a bathrobe!

This behalf of the battle is the raff like the Wrath of Titan!

NPC more like APC!

This is the battle of the next Holocaust!

After WWII!

The spy went high fly!

After sky high!

You can't be an assistant of Dis Raps for Hire!

It's a me Mario it's me!

And what do you got?

The I Eye of PS3 spys on you!

In the dang showers!

Why you need to touch the porch?

Your already freakin on it

I'm about to win!

Your rhymes are too cold so see ya later!



Rap Meanings

  1. Fruit Ninja basically cuts fruits
  2. Fruit Ninja was made on April 21st 2010
  3. Toad says he's more popular
  4. Half is part of the company's name that makes Fruit Ninja and he changes it to the word staff
  5. Master Shifu has a staff
  6. Brick is the 2nd part of the company's name and he calls Fruit Ninja a prick
  7. Pickel and prick sound almost the same
  8. Halfbrick is the name of the company
  9. This is what Toad thinks it should be called
  10. Mario is Toad's friend and Wario hates Toad
  11. Fruit Ninja wants Luigi to rename himself
  12. Toad is an animal species
  13. Toads live in Lake Micigan
  14. He says Toad isn't nice in life
  15. Slavery is now over
  16. He is a 3rd party person
  17. Octagon repeats what he said
  18. He wants Snake to come to see them
  19. He asks Snake the question
  20. Snake agrees
  21. same as line 17 except Snake says it
  22. Snake lives in a base
  23. He disses off the others except Octagon
  24. This is currently the last half of the battle
  25. Toad is mostly non playable and APC is a fighting vehicle
  26. He makes fun of the Halocaust
  27. Halocaust took place during WWII
  28. He's a spy
  29. He flies using helicopters
  30. He goes high in altitude sometimes
  31. Nice Peter holds this title & Dis Raps are made by Epic Lloyd Peter's partner
  32. He wants to do the job and he mocks Mario's catchphrase
  33. He starts going against Fruit Ninja
  34. I Eye is a PS3 motion accessory
  35. He says Fruit Ninja takes lots of showers
  36. Porches are touched when walked on
  37. same as line 36
  38. He talks about himself
  39. He says Toad and Fruit Ninja suck at rapping
  40. An everyday insult
  41. He calls himself a boss
Who Won

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