Herobrine: I'm a hero.

Your a zero!

In the shadows!

With bows and arrows.

Your bones are narrow!

Your an empire in disguise!

With me shooting at you with a Sea Sparrow!

Steve: This is a battle of Grove Street!

With you hiding in a cove!

While they battle!

The fuck out of a rattlesnake!

Herobrine: Pee on this tree!

Not on Pewdiepie!

You're a clone!

Unlike Ynkr!

However he is a clone of the Yankees!

Steve: I deserve to be the new Steve Jobs.

With an angry mob.

To tear your limbs apart.

You modder.

And you hoody!

who won

The poll was created at 00:57 on June 13, 2013, and so far 2 people voted.

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