Wayne Gretzky


Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods:

Mr. Tiger Woods here, number one golfer in the world,

If you knew how much money I got in a year, you would probably hurl.

I have millions, billions, I can't even count,

My wallet is so heavy, can't even guess the amount.

I've got Rolex and Nike all over myself,

Got a few major trophies sitting right on my shelf.

I win major tournaments on a weekly routine,

Just signed a deal, to sell a Tiger Woods figurine.

If you played against todays goalies, you wouldn't score a goal,

I'll take out my driver, smash you right into the hole!

Wayne Gretzky:

Here comes the Wayne! Ready to spread pain!

I'm the best player who ever played, in that little hockey game!

I am way more athletic, you don't do anything,

Except walk around, and occasionally make a swing!

I am all against fighting, I don't like what you have done,

You beat your wife with a club, and sent her on the run.

After that little spat, Gatorade decided to go away,

They didn't really like what you did to your wife that day.

Lindsay Vonn is in trouble, what was she thinking,

When she started dating a guy, who gets his energy by drinking!

Tiger Woods:

Yeah yeah yeah, who cares about that stuff,

Keep talking bout it, I'll smash your head in the rough.

Only two major things, matter to me,

The PGA..... and all my money.

I'm rich, I'm wealthy, I'm famous,

I'll take my driver, pound ya right in the anus.

You are on the cover of the worst NHL game ever,

NHL Slapshot? I wouldn't pay for that! Never!

Wayne Gretzky: Settle down now, Eldrick, no need to hate,

I'd like to see you, go on the ice and skate!

I played for the Oilers, Kings, Rangers and the Blues,

The fans all loved me, never got any boos.

NHL Slapshot was somewhat bad, I agree,

But it doesn't come close, to Tiger Woods 03.

I am still at the top of the leader board, always will be, son!

For many years to come, I'll be known as the Great One.


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