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  • Patts9009

    R- Roy Horn

    S- Siegfried Fischbacher

    P- Penn Jillette

    T- Teller

    Z- Zak Gramarye

    V- Valant Gramarye


    R: Time to take a Penn and write down the losers of this show

    S: But before we Teller them they lost, everyone must know!

    R: They'll be chewed up worse than my arm. They're Bullshit!

    S: And you guys hang from the ceiling? Something doesn't fit.

    R: Actually, this proves you are Psychotic in everything you do.

    S: What’s with your social interaction between the two of you?

    R: Trying to hide the fact you spend more together than you say;

    S: ‘Cause you don’t want a publicity stunt asking which one is gay!

    P: We Fried the chance of your Sieg, crushing all hopes of winning.

    T: And battling us, made you guys “Horn”-y…

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  • Patts9009

    There are Superstitious opponents 'bout to fall.

    Just like your Glaucoma, you can't see that at all.

    Pit played the woogie; and it sparked your curiosity,

    But you only earned a four pay, what an atrocity.

    You’re playing in Orlando, I feel sorry for the locals.

    Following Brownie brought influences in your vocals.

    Your pinnacled success was short-lived, what’d I say?

    None of your songs are played, even to this very day.

    Love is a special word, and I use it when I beat you;

    Shake your tail feathers, and fail your career debut.

    Your “Little” name in Motown misleads the world.

    Put down that cake of yours, give exercise a whirl.

    Can you smell the aroma of defeat, or even taste it?

    I'll Deliver your Sealed lose. Signed and all, just face it.

    I’ll smash that Mu…

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  • Patts9009

    You’re a horrible artist, full of racial stereotypes.

    While your face is nothing short than face wipes.

    Nothing you did is true, taking the world by storm?

    More like shitting songs out, leaving your fans torn.

    You say you took out Osama, by giving his whiskey.

    When Youtube took down your video, you got frisky.

    Architects say you made the internet, that’s a lie.

    You lived a life of failure and regret, so Banzai!

    Don’t you know there’s no way you can beat Rucka.

    “I’ll smoke” you out like “JFK’s crack rocks, Muthafucka.”

    Being on Simpson’s the most fame you’ll get, no doubt.

    Tried to make a movie, but it failed to be a knock-out.

    Skipped the 2nd grade, but you’re obviously not too keen.

    Getting inspired from sick artists kept you from being “clean.”

    Time o…

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  • Patts9009

    Top o' the mornin' to ya, as your victory is Taken.

    You think this battle's on your List? You're mistaken.

    Now, you’ll try to Play with your Lyrics; but you’ll fail.

    You’re just another Suspect; Cops are on your trail.

    Your next Journey will be lyrically Caved in by me.

    You’re lying about your faith for publicity, even I see.

    Marrying Richardson was the best moment of your life.

    But you’re a horrible man; losing your daughter and wife.

    Sorry Leo, this is yet another Award you will not be receiving.

    Trying to fool people with your Inception? You're not deceiving.

    You were kicked from your Room because you’ve misbehaved.

    Start thanking your brother; for it was your career he saved.

    Feel the Critters crawling? They're after the fame you ne’er had.

    Placed …

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  • Patts9009

    Now for the sensation that is sweeping the nation,

    I’m destroying a host that's giving the girls much flirtation.

    I've seen that shitty show of yours, and I can recall,

    That the Band won't Stand, and then you took the fall.

    I’ll stomp down your so-called Pyramid, watch it crumble.

    While you’re selling of your shares got you into deep trouble

    You died from a heart attack, where you put up no fight.

    I have this battle in the bag, and Dick, “kiss me goodnight.”

    It's real good to be beating you lyrically this year, no doubt.

    But now it is time for the dullest Star-maker to burn out.

    You allowed the Commie to Dance, yet you are one of ‘em.

    You got poor reviews, because your no-personality problem,

    You have no talent at all; it’s all from your guests that y…

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