Randall Boggs (Monsters Inc.) vs. Randle McMurphy (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)


RANDALL: I'm hiding in your closest,

So I'll catch you unawares,

I'm not only top at rhymes,

I'm no. 1 at scares!

I'll spook you so hard,

You'll be driven mad for real,

So take that gum out of your mouth,

Because now your fate is sealed,

You frustrated Nurse Ratched,

So she gave you a shock,

Well, I'm more electrifying,

'Cause I got teeth like a croc,

So get on your boat,

And start sailing away,

Or I'll make you scream so much,

You'll bring power for days! 

RANDLE: Heeeere's Randy,

Breaking down the closet door,

Yep, I had a good actor,

He had better teeth than yours,

I'll be the Crocodile Hunter,

For you'll soon be sliced and diced,

You better listen to my gospel,

I'm the asylum's Jesus Christ,

Did that shut you up?

You should say as much as the Chief,

You tried to steal a little girl,

But I won't call you a master thief,

In fact, I think Chris Hansen,

Would like you to have a seat,

I defeated Nurse Ratched,

And I'm also gonna have you beat. 

RANDALL: Yes, I stole that child,

But you're the real sex offender,

You shouldn't even be at the madhouse,

Return to sender!

I could easily get laid,

And I don't need two hoes,

Someone needs their medication,

So here, have a big dose. 

RANDLE: I helped the other patients,

And was loved by the looneys,

You were reviled

And got laughed out of uni,

I ought to hold you down,

And smother you with a pillow,

Or watch as hicks beat you

Like a roadkill armadillo,

I'm getting real mad now,

So you better beware,

I mean in terms of Pixar villains,

I always preferred that bear.

Who Won?

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