Fifth of July Raps

aka fifth of july

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  • Fifth of July Raps

    helo everybudy it is me fifth of july. i have a new rap batle for everybudy to enjoy. it is karmet the frug vs. rob snidur.

    karmet: i is karmut the frug!

    you is just a actor. suc some balls.

    souf park maks fun of you becuz you suc.

    i took manhaten and shit. you wer in gron ups!

    go get outa your diepers and grow the fric up.

    rob snidur: hey hey karmut.

    you is on my turf, bitch

    im the best actar evar in a car.

    dooce bigalow was grat. mopats from spase? heel no

    go bac home. get some ointmant for your toes.

    most reespictd actar in hallywud? yes.

    most reespictd frug? no tutsie rulls!

    karmet: o hey you think you're so grat?

    meat my friends. fossie gonezo and mis pigy.

    fossie: bring it on bitch.

    mis pigy: yes, bitch

    gonzo: i higly agree.

    fossie: you can see me in …

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