So as you know I am Lerooyinator, I was him all along and I didnt confess cause I'd be banned and I didnt want to, I wanted to start a new fresh time on this wiki, I'm not coming back entirely, and I aint asking you to forgive me but I want you to understand that I was scared and didnt know what to do. I'm sorry for everything but I've made a huge scar in the wiki and I'm not expecting any good comments, hell, yell at me for all I care, just understand this, I am not a huge ass in real life, I'm more of a kinder person (No, really I am) sure I annoy people in RL but not so bad that they yell at me and tell me to sod off.  I just got easily stressed, i didnt even know how I came to Wikia really. but I'm leaving now (FOR FUCKING GOOD!) so dont bother hating on me. just understand this, Dont even try to find me.

Oh and one more message for WC Trolls and User Trolls etc. SOD OFF AND DIE!

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