WALL-E vs. Terminator is the fifteenth battle in ERBOR. It features PIXAR character, WALL-E, battling Arnold Schwarzanegger character, Terminator.

Credits to J1coupe



This battle takes place after the events of Judgement Day.

I wipe out remains of the human race, you better go back to your truck and play.

You look like series T1. I'm a humanoid hunter.

You best cube yourself, you're just Wal-Mart's blunder.

Took you 700 years to realize your purpose.

I'd like to see you battle against the Skynet systems.


Dang. You got worse dirt than me

Even M-O couldn't keep you're metal ass clean.

I prefer helpin out humanity.

Getting rid of the evidence just gives you the Auto insanity.

You think your Skynet friends are gonna scare me?

Wait till they see what happens when I get the gun-arm of EVE.


I don't care about your Recolonize plot.

I'll destroy you all with just this metal pot!

Stop your Forever Alone life.

You're just stealin the sun from the rest of us.

You can't battle, you're just a little bot with the brain of bush.


You're as black as a nigger.

Voiced by Schwarzanegger.

I got years alive, all the others shut down.

So stop rhymin, Arnie. WALL-E's bringin the humans back down.


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