Rainbow Dash vs. Lightning McQueen is the twenty-first rap battle in ERBOR. It features My Little Pony character and element of loyalty, Rainbow Dash, battling Cars character, Lightning McQueen.

Credits to J1coupe


Lightning McQueen

Ca-chow! I AM speed. You can't compare.

I'm Lightning McQueen! Come race me at rap if you dare.

You're skills are rusty, Rainbow. Here's some Rust-eze.

I'm racing in rap round corner three.

I don't need wings to be the fastest rapper.

You got the slowest animal ever, should have gotten a trapper.

Rainbow Dash

You know, McQueen. You could use something to get yourself 20% cooler.

How about the Rainblow Dry? Even that couldn't fix you to be faster than Bueller.

I can't believe this. You look like an even more messed up version of Discord.

Get out while you can, McQueen. You're rapping on my record.

Lightning McQueen

I'm racing round the curb, round the butte.

Racing right into kicking your rainbow shoot.

I got pulled into the World Grand Prix and won.

As for you, you're just a little blue pony, hon.

Rainbow Dash

Your lightning is fake. Mine's a real one.

It got given to me through a Sonic Rainboom. I'm the only one.

No one can go faster than me. Not even the Doc.

I could run right through all of your WGP races and spin out the clock.


Who Won?

The poll was created at 17:03 on June 20, 2013, and so far 55 people voted.

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