Maverick vs. Rockford is the twenty-seventh rap battle in ERBOR. It features James Garner characters Bret Maverick and Jim Rockford battling each other.


Jim Rockford

I'm gonna start this battle through private eyes.

I'm surprised in your show that you haven't been seen as the bad guy.

You're just the Devil on my doorstep. I got falsely imprisoned.

I'd let you rap, but I wouldn't listen.

Bret Maverick

I admit, you may be good enough for a Silver Star.

But I'll still beat you anywhere, from your prison, to my western bar.

You're as ignorant as all those drunks in the saloon.

I'll shoot up your mobile home in the town of Malibu.

Like your second last name syllable, you must be fixed or repaird daily.

I'm gonna beat you now, cause you're a convicted person that's crazy.

Jim Rockford

You're partner is the ex-owner of the bar. What's that about?

I bet that's why you have to go through different towns!

I'm the country veteran who is a perfect P.I.

You're just the one thing that made our actor fail and cry!

Bret Maverick

You even call yourself a chicken, why are you even here?

I'm already beating you, that should be clear, Meeker.

You're the worst of the worst, the most unbelievable detective.

Once Deadlock in Parma came around, you were rejected!


Who Won?

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