Johnny Cash vs. Eazy-E is the thirty-ninth rap battle in ERBOR. It features country music star, Johnny Cash, battling rap star, Eazy-E, to settle rap vs. country, and also to see who is the better of the two Folsom Prison Gangstaz.


Johnny Cash

Hello. I'm Johnny Cash.

I'll surround you with gasoline and then light up a Ring of Fire around your ass.

You're music only influenced a few people, from Ice-T to George Clinton.

Couldn't even spell "Straight off the Streets of Compton."

I'll tell ya, you were right, Eazy.

You sure do live life crazy.

You think you can win against the Man in Black who left in Tennessee?

Bass-baritone voice, nothing you could possibly beat.


Let's take a trip down the golden age of hip-hop.

Eazy-Duz-It, Cash. You need to just go back to your mainstream pal, Bob.

I'll shoot you up in Rino while I smoke my big cigar.

Don't gotta worry bout my health, cause I didn't have asthma.

I've got Ruthless Records.

Just a few years apart, we both hit the Death Row Records.

Johnny Cash

All of your records sent you Straight out of Compton the wrong way.

If you listen to me, you'll Get Rhythm in the N.W.A.

I'm crushing your rhymes.

One Piece At A Time.

Your skills were never the greatest, they didn't lead to your stardom.

If you shoot me up, you'll be stuck right where time will keep draggin on, in Folsom Prison.


Blue Bandana, Blue Train, might as well have recorded Blue Waffles.

I spit hot disses while you sit, singing slow gospel.

I'mma Break It Down for ya. The rapper wins cause this is rap.

The cowboy is the one who loses cause he rhymes like crap.

You're a stack of Cash no one wanted to unwrap.

Instead of the Man in Black, you should be called The Chicken in Black.



Who Won?

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