Johnny Appleseed vs. Annoying Orange is the twenty-eighth rap battle in ERBOR. It features pioneer nurseryman, Johnny Appleseed, battling YouTube and Cartoon Network character, Annoying Orange.


Johnny Appleseed

I've got a knife here, a blender there.

Me and my apples in this battle make it unfair.

I'm a farming business man.

And I've got a business plan.

To rap out this orange and his fruit clan.

Annoying Orange

Hey, Apple. Yeah, I'm talkin to you.

It's even in your name, oh, boo hoo.

Numunmnumnumnumnum. You're whole life got wasted.

By planting apple trees for the North that never tasted.

You're an animal lover. Stayed single your whole life.

Just so that you could get two girlfriends after you died.

Johnny Appleseed

I got two, yes, that's true.

And you're still struggling to get Passion Fruit.

What is this motorboating you're doing?

You just do it in your videos cause you know you're losing.

Annoying Orange

Ok, Poe-Tay-Toe. You've got some good points.

But nothing compares to Knife and his toys.

No one could do the tongue noise without me.

And no one knows when you died, but I'm sure it wasn't March 18.


Who Won?

The poll was created at 17:40 on July 18, 2013, and so far 3 people voted.

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