Jason Aldean vs. Eminem is the twelveth battle in ERBOR. It features country artist Jason Aldean battling rap artist Eminem to settle a long-time argument over which is the dominant music genre: country or rap. Music: Square Dance Instrumental

Credits to J1coupe



Yo, yo. Your palms are sweaty.

Cowboy hat makes you look like Betty.

I'm gonna beat you, wanna know Why?

I'm the real rapper, just ask Royce da 5'9!

Hold your horses, Aldine, this is the Eminem Show!

You're just battling me cause you're a fan, like Stan, so Thank You!

Jason Aldean

You're whatever I say you are.

In that case, I say you're just that homeless drunk from the bar!

I'm the best musical artist in the world!

You're a white man who thinks he's black, you got your brains twirled!

I'm a country singer that can spit raps better than a rapper.

You're original name was from a candy wrapper!


I love the way you're lying, Jason.

I'll be spittin out my Encores while you're drinkin from your jar of Mason!

I'm a lyrical magician.

I made one song in the west, but that was against my tradition.

You can't fuckin judge me.

You'd have to walk 8 Miles in my shoes to understand me!

Jason Aldean

I've been told that before by some other city kids.

I couldn't give less of a damn, so just shut your lips!

Marshall, Relapse and Refill you're empty rhymes.

I'd beat you on my Dirt Road Anthem, but that would just be Wastin Time!


Who Won?

The poll was created at 13:27 on June 9, 2013, and so far 5 people voted.

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