Iron Man vs. Generator Rex is the twenty-third battle in ERBOR. It features Marvel superhero, Iron Man, battling Man of Action character, Rex "Generator Rex" Salazar.


Iron Man

Bitch, please. I shouldn't have to battle. I'm Robert Downey, Jr.

You couldn't beat me, not with that jetpack or those robot boots that bust losers.

I'm the best hero out of Marvel. You're what's left of Tennyson.

You got pounded in the middle of a city I saved, Manhattan.

You couldn't fight if an accident didn't happen.

I got my powers from a Cold War tech to fight Communism.

Generator Rex

You're hardly a superhero. You can't even put on your own suit.

You have robots in the building do it for you. You couldn't even take off one of your iron boots.

You look like Van Kleiss with his Nanites gone even more crazy.

You can't beat anyone on your own. You rely on the Avengers and Illuminati.

Iron Man

You're the doll of a multi-armed gothic girl. I'm the best hero.

Bitch, I'm Iron Man. The number under your name in the poll down there will be zero.

The Avengers and Illumanti are just partners, not the main event.

Face it, Rex. We aren't even close to even.

Generator Rex

Got that right, Tony. I'm much greater than you.

I took the whole world's Nanites and made them into a weak robot, just like you.

In another world, you got killed by Mister Fantastic.

Aquania to Abyssus. Bug Jar to Pocket Dimension. I can beat you even if we were in your own attic.


Who Won?

The poll was created at 19:07 on June 22, 2013, and so far 5 people voted.

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