Deadpool vs. Deathstroke vs. Batman is the twenty-ninth rap battle in ERBOR. It features the MARVEL character Deadpool (Wade Winston Wilson) battling DC character Deathstroke (Slade Wilson), while also battling another DC character Batman (Bruce Wayne).



Nice costumes, Slade and Bruce.

Gonna leave all your parents in a noose.

I break the fourth wall for everyone's humor.

You two beat up kids and clowns and give them tumors.

You're a billionaire, you're a man not of his age.

Break you to the ground and put you in a cage.


I'm a Terminator.

No, not Schawrzanegger.

I'll ravage your Gotham-ic asses.

This battle's wasting my time, I should be spanking Terra's ass.

Titans hunt, Titans plague.

You have no powers, and you're just a partner of Mag.


I beat Sherlock Holemes already. You'll be just as easy.

My predecessors came from McCully and Orczy.

Your rhymes are horrible. They could cause a Death of a Stroke.

And then I'll leave you Dead in a Pool, and I'm not even laughing at my jokes.


You're Nightwing and Bats of Prey.

I didn't need more than 69 issues. Just ask Gail.

Deathstroke made peace with the Titan's because of Starfire.

Here's a riddle. How do you mask the face of someone whose parents have had a dier?


By giving him a gay-ass outfit that was going to be brighter.

I have no friends, according to the Agents of Hydra.

And I'm glad I made peace, cause now I can get a little bit lucky.

You both are the worst characters ever, way past sucky.


They made me black and gray.

And instead of wings I got a cape.

But neither of you two have those, I say.

I may have black clothing, but I wouldn't even by hunted by the KK Klan.

Come on, bitches. I'm Batman.


Who Won?

The poll was created at 20:32 on July 19, 2013, and so far 7 people voted.

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