DD vs DD
Daffy Duck vs. Donald Duck is the fourty-first battle in ERBOR. It features Warner Brothers Icon and Looney Toons character, Daffy Duck, battling Disney Channel Icon and Mickey Mouse character, Donald Duck, to see who can one-up the other with rhyme.


Donald Duck

I'm Traunt Officer Donald, kill you with my pranks.

You got frozen for years, just to claim a red planet.

You've been coming out of Toon Town since Doc Brown framed Roger Rabbit.

Just had the same excuse to pick on Bob Crachit.

I've beaten you've once in 1988, now this is our sequel.

I think I'd rather be battilng your bacon friend, Porky.

Daffy Duck

You're despicable. Step into the world of Gru, and we'll get you some little yellow minions.

We both got paired with mice, but only after I got a McKimson transition.

There's only one way people like you: Assault and Peppered.

In this battle, you got as big a role as you did in The Prince and the Pauper.

I'm an Irish private eye.

You're best friends are a mouse, and some dog-guy.

Donald Duck

Daffy Duck

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