Ben 10 vs. Ash Ketchum is the thirty-thirs rap battle in ERBOR. It features Ben 10 character, Ben "10" Tennyson, battling Pokémon character, Ash Kethum.

Credits to J1coupe


Ben 10

It's Hero Time!

I'm kicking this 10 year old's butt with my alien rhymes!

You think you'll be the greatest Pokémon master?

Ha! You look like something out of Animo's disasters.

Gary Oak gets 7 times more Pokémon than you do.

I'll go Diamondhead and trap you in rock like Mewtwo.

Ash Ketchum

If I'm gonna waste my time on this, I might as well get a badge.

Come on, seriously, he can't even spell "wrath".

You ain't a hero, you're a violent child.

Your villains don't get defeated, the just get more riled.

Change you back to a four year old and laugh when your fire alien bursts.

And believe me, you were right when you said you were The Worst.

[Ben presses the Omnitrix and transforms into his future self.]

Ben 10

I'm a teenager now, and I got a new Omnitrix.

I don't wanna get bored with your little mouse's electronic tricks.

[Ben presses the Omnitrix again and becomes Diamondhead]


Cause I'm harder.

[He presses it and becomes ChamAlien]



[He presses it and becomes XLR8]



[He presses it and becomes NRG]


And stronger than all your little creatures.

Even Pesky Dust has more interesting features.

You keep six species on hand, I've got over seventy.

None of the designs in your show have creativity.

Ash Ketchum

Your alien Ball Weevil was inspired by the Pokémon.

Your shows so much like this generation, it has no DV-Roms.

Armodrillo you a whole cause you're worth less than the dirt.

I'll have Charizard come at you to be sure that you're burnt.


  • This is the second battle to have someone change into something else. The first being Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who 2, where the Fifth Doctor changed into the Eleventh Doctor.


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