*Static* Uh... BEGIN!!

BobbyIsAwesome Edit

It's BiA here, and I'm back for revenge!

I'll murder all these verses like I didn't do to all my friends.

You're a candy machine, who belongs in a cartoon with ducks!

I like Power Rangers because it's so cool, so I don't give a fuck!

I also like Harvey Beaks and Spongebob, but you're just a faggot!

By the end, I'll be saying just like RED, A BUNCH OF MAGGOTS!

I could do this whole verse backwards, but I truly feel

I'm through wasting my time because you're not even peel!

UltraXmaster/Epic rap battles of ultimate Edit

Well! Look at that! Your not gonna win!

This bobby is not awesome! He's surely made of sin!

Cmon' bobby! step down to the crowd!

UltraXmaster wins, This man is going down!

Leave him drown easily at the speed of sound!

Your an idiot, doesn't know anything!

You wanna win? you just gotta kill yourself in the ring!

STATIC coming in, SLENDER using powers!

Leave you exploded, like the two towers!

BobbyIsAwesome Edit

You making your rap battles are like the sound of people dying

And the crowd in Squidward's show had red realistic eyes!

How about you can go somewhere else to get some jocks of a purse?

I've ran out of lines, so how about you drop another verse?

UltraXmaster Edit

Wow, are you serious? Leave him finished like a criminal!

Your raps are despicable, and you sir are clinical!

I'm done with this battle, leave you dead!

I'm walking away, leave you seeing RED!




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