My laughing gas can beat your shitty burger meat!
— the Joker
Who the rapper is based on


Ronald McDonald

The Joker appeared in Epic Rap Battles of Four4 1 and would be played by George Watsky. He battled Ronald McDonald .


Verse 1:Edit

(Joker laugh) I'm a master criminal mind,

You're a mascot outta his prime!

You were made by a weatherman, how sweet!

My laughing gas can beat your shitty burger meat!

Get The Hamburgler to help, I won't be frightened!

Once you get a taste of my gas, everything will seem enlightened.

You're a chump, Mr. Ronald, a real son of a bitch.

I'll get Bane to dig your grave and throw your sorry ass into that ditch.

I was voted greatest criminal of all time!

Your just a pedo-clown, get back to the grind.

Verse 2:Edit

I'm a boss who bosses around my men.

Scarecrow's my bitch and Catwoman's my whore,

And now my right-hand Penguin can give you a little more!


  • He was the first rapper in the series.
  • He would be Watsky's first character to play in the series.