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Once you're hooked, you're his.
— The Cable Guy

The Cable Guy battled Larry the Cable Guy in Larry the Cable Guy vs. The Cable Guy.

Information on the RapperEdit

The Cable Guy/Chip/Ernie Douglas/Larry Tate/Ricky Ricardo is an ex-cable guy. He was fired for getting too personal with his customers. His childhood was mainly filled with a babysitter: TV. It is unknown what is happening to him right now.


Verse 1Edit

Hey there, buddy! Want some extra channels?

I can let you play Big Game Hunter with a friend from Seattle!

Just like Steven, you just suck!

For Danny Lawrence Whitney, the cable price just went up!

Look, before this gets any badder.

You can be my best friend, or my worst enemy, you prefer the latter!

Verse 2Edit

Once you're hooked, you're his.

Can't battle gainst my biz!

I'm a real cable guy! You used that name for publicity!

So kiss my ass, Larry! And then go back to your criticitry!