Daryl Dixon vs. Tallahassee


Daryl Dixon

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You gotta nut up or shut up.
— Tallahassee

Tallahassee battles Daryl Dixon in Daryl Dixon vs. Tallahassee. He will be portrayed by Alanomaly.

Information on the RapperEdit

Tallahasse is a man in his mid thirties who, as of the start of the Zombie Apocalypse, is well-established in the business of kicking ass. Tallahassee is first seen in the movie when Columbus is walking down a highway. They decide to join up and travel together. Tallahasse tells Columbus that before ZombieLand he had a dog which he loved very much and that his dog was killed by zombies. Later in the movie, it is revealed that the dog he spoke of was actually his young son. Tallahasse loves twinkies and is on a mad hunt for a twinkie throughout the movie, regardless of the dangerous situations this tends to put him in. Tallahasse's philosophy is that you should blow off steam every once in a while or else you will go crazy, and first demonstrates this by beating up a minivan with a crowbar. He also is a big fan of Bill Murray, to whom he cried out upon meeting him "God damnit, BILL FUCKING MURRAY!" Spending time with Little Rock, Tallahassee found a replacement for Buck; he saw her as a surrogate child to care for.


Verse 1Edit

I'm not easy to get along with.

And, in all honesty, you're a redneck bitch.

Bring it on, man, you'll see how hard I punch.

You gotta nut up or shut up.

And I don't just mean squirrel guts for lunch.

I know the reason Carol likes you.

It's cause of enjoying the little things, Rule 32.

Verse 2Edit

Ya'll's team is cursed, done picked up Bobby Brady's ass-reaming Tiki.

You could have had a better role in filmography. Garfield, maybe.

You don't let people get close to you, you'll get burned.

Best feel lucky you got to see your brother, Merle.

I've beet a wholesale ass, and I'm not giving you 45% power.

Took you a whole damn season just for y'all get a shower.


  • Alongside Daryl Dixon, the Walkers, and Columbus, he will be the first ERBOR character to have someone portray him in the battle: Alanomaly.

Alanomaly released this picture of himself portraying Tallahassee as a sneak peek to the battle.