Epic Rap Battles of Four4 3


Lara Croft

Steve appeared in Epic Rap Battles of Four4 3 and would be played by EpicLLOYD. He battled against Lara Croft.


Verse 1:Edit

I'm short, blocky, and known around the world.

Your the only adventurer who's ever been a girl.

I've got ten hearts and I go against the undead,

You? You've never even been wed!

I make everything that I need to survive,

You just got pwn3d by Steve's sick vibes!

Verse 2:Edit

Stop talking, why not all six voices?

Minecraft only uses fun and creative noises.

Tomb Raider's old, from the 20th century.

I'm surprised its not buried in a little penitentiary!

Angelina's hot, but you? That's a stretch.

I'm a full 3D world. Your minor tombs are an ugly sketch.

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