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Epic Rap Battles of Pixelation 5


Master Hand


Something Awful Forums

Get your Mickey Mouse glove ass back to Final Destination.
— Slenderman
Slenderman battled Master Hand in Epic Rap Battles of Pixelation 5.

Information on the RapperEdit

Slenderman is a Creepypasta originating from Something Awful Forums. He is a myth and mostly targets children as his victims. In the game Slender: The Eight Pages, you start in a forest and look for 8 pages, or else he catches you, and you die. When you look at him, static appears on your screen and if you look at him for too long, he takes you.


Verse 1:Edit

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

Not me against this guy! Leave me alone!

Don't look or it takes you, can't run. You don't have legs!

I'll beat you so bad, you'll beg

For help, but noone can hear you scream

You'll be scared to death. Just from the moonbeam.

You're waiting for opponents, while I'm chasin'.

Get your Mickey Mouse glove ass back to Final Destination.

Verse 2:Edit

You're looking for big trouble if you challenge me!

Looks like you need a good apprehending!

You'll just be left with finger bones when I'm done.

The pages are gone now, I've already won.