Simple Rap Battles is a series of rap battles created by Greg (Me).

Rap Battles of Season 1Edit

1- King Arthur VS King Tutankhamen (ON NOW )

2- Ghostbusters VS Mythbusters (ON NOW)

3- Harry Potter VS Percy Jackson (ON NOW)

4- Jackie Chan vs Jack and Jill (ON NOW)

5- Eminem vs Jesus Christ (ON NOW)

6- Ash Ketchum vs Darwin (ON NOW)

7- Confucius vs Socrates (Upcoming)

8- Santa Claus vs Easter Bunny (Upcoming)

9- Jack Sparrow vs ??? (Upcoming)

10- Upcoming

11- Upcoming

12- Upcoming

Rap Battles of Season 2Edit

1- Upcoming

2- Upcoming

3- Upcoming

4- Upcoming

5- Upcoming

6- Upcoming

7- Upcoming

8- Upcoming

9- Upcoming

10- Upcoming

11- Upcoming

12- Upcoming

13- Upcoming

14- Upcoming

15- Upcoming

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