You wanna bite of my burger?
— Ronald McDonald
Who the rapper is based on


the Joker

Ronald McDonald appeared in Epic Rap Battles of Four4 1, and would be played by Nice Peter. He battled against the Joker . He also appeared in Legendary Rap Battles, and would also be played by Nice Peter. He battled against Colonel Sanders.

Lyrics for him against the JokerEdit

Verse 1:Edit

You wanna bite of my burger?

I'll give you much more!

You killed the second Robin

Then became Harley Quinn's whore!

I'm a widely known icon, second to none.

You're just a creepy stalker-type,

Your career is done.

I care for children in my Ronald McDonald Houses,

You a creepy clown who's been lookin' up chicks' blouses.

Batman got you good, didn't he Mr. J?

Trying to steal from banks, but its you who always pays.

Verse 2:Edit

Careful what you say

This is a childrens' world.

Why don't I grab you're umbrella and give you a twirl? (Ronald spins Penguin off)

I'm a fast-food legend getting richer by the minute!

Joker here is nothing but an evil, sour lemon.

Thinking you can beat me, thats delirious!

One question remains, Joker.

Why so serious?

Lyrics for him against Colonel SandersEdit

Verse 1Edit

Nice suit, punk! You're so gonna lose

Battling to see who has the better restaurant; I'm so gonna beat you

Seriously Colonel, who goes to KFC? Your chicken tastes like shit

KFC stands for Kill Fucking Colonel! So prepared to get dissed

I get all the kids, you just get nothing

No one goes to your restaurant, and no I'm not bluffing

Just trust me Colonel, I stole all of your customers for my delicious burgers

You should come to McDonalds, and may I take your order?

Verse 2Edit

What kind of rap was that? It sounds like crap, Harland

I'd rather face The Burger King than you, since you're the only person I can't stand

Listen up Old man, I just about had it with you

I'll throw you in the river, just like what happened to your statue of you, fool.


  • Ronald McDonald was the first character to be played by Peter in the series.