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Epic Rap Battles of Pixelation 4





I can do anything, you're just Earthbound.
— Ness
 Ness is the one of the rappers who appeared in Epic Rap Battles of Pixelation 4. Ness is the main character of the Earthbound game. He battled Issac.


Ness is a fictional character from the Earthbound series. He is the main protagonist of the SNES video game, Earthbound. Ness is a gifted 13-year-old boy. When he was young, a meteor crashed, giving him PSI powers. He uses these powers to save the world from a villain named Giygas.


Issac vs NessEdit

Verse 1

Face the power of PSI! 

PK Fire, PK Thunder! Time for you to die! 

I have a bunch of powers, you should be frightened. 

To beat you, I don't even need an Apple of Enlightenment! 

Let's go man, hurry up and attack! 

I can make it to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and back! 

I'll Giygas your ass and take you down 

I can do anything. You're just Earthbound. 

Verse 2

Yeah, you got a girl. After 30 years! 

I'm only 13 and I can make you burst into tears. 

No fears, kicking your rear, what happened to your career? 

I can rip you in two just by thinking about it. 

I'll look at your dead body, and run circles around it! 

I got the brains and the brawn, and when you respawn, 

I'll PK Flash you into a Dark Dawn.

Verse 3

I'll beat you so bad, you'll be as weak as Mr. Saturn! 

We could do this the easy way or hard way, but likely the latter! 

Verse 4

I've heard better raps from my mom! And she's dead! 

I'll absorb your projectiles and crack open your head!

Verse 5

You'll be so weak, you'll be living on the streets! 

I'm such a strong kid, you might as well Retreat!

Verse 6


Verse 7

Who are you?


  • Ness has the most verses out of anyone in ERBoP so far.
  • Ness says that his mother is dead, however, this is not true, as Ness' parents are both alive, and Lucas is the one with dead parents, not Ness.