Ben 10 vs. Ash Ketchum


Ash Ketchum

NRG battled Ash Ketchum as one of the four aliens Ben used, along with Diamondhead, ChamAlien, and XLR8.

Information on the RapperEdit

NRG is a Prypiatosian-B (a play on Prypiat, a city that was evacuated due to the Chernobyl disaster) scanned from P'andor in "Too Hot To Handle"; from the Andromeda Galaxy. NRG is a radioactive energy being with Russian accent, encased within an oven-like invulnerable containment suit that contains his radiation. When released, he is able to shoot energy beams and can create intense heat, enough to create the intensity of a nuclear bomb; he is capable of becoming intangible, so he cannot be touched except by the material his armor is made of. His armor is so tough that can only be broken with a sharp piece of Taydenite; but even trapped in the armor he can still use part of his power when it is released. he can shoot energy beams through the holes of the viewfinder, and can generate intense heat, being able to turn his armor red hot and create magma; and has super-human strength. Ben first transformed into NRG by accident to defeat the 10-year old Ben as the original Heatblast in "The Forge of Creation".


Verse 1Edit

And stronger than all your little creatures.

Even Pesky Dust has more interesting features.

You keep six species on hand, I've got over seventy.

None of the designs in your show have creativity.


  • He had the most lines out of all the aliens, enough to actually count as a verse.