A rap battle series soon to be started by Jake (MultiSuperVids) in June (Maybe sooner). Hopefully will be posted weekly. 


Season One:Edit

1. Lee Everett VS Chuck Greene

2. J? F???? VS G????? R????? (Chills VS Battering)

3. C???? D??????? VS T????? S???? 

4. B??? VS D???? V???? (Or O?????? P????)

5. K????? VS M????? C???? VS M???? (The Big 3)

6. D??? N???? VS K????? 1?? (Planetism at it's finest)

7. A???? G?????? VS S?????? Q???? (Anger Managment)

8. L??? VS D?? J??? (Trolls and Pranksters)

9. S?????? M?? VS J??? T?? K????? (A long time coming)

10. J?? B?????? VS M????? P????? (Circles vs Squares)

11. E?? A??????? VS 1??? W??? T? D?? A??????? (Epic Voices)

12. J?? G??????? VS M???? I??????? (For the lols)

13- H??? H??? VS F?????? G??? (Country Muthas)

14- H???? B?? B?? VS K??? C????? (Baby Sitters Nightmare)

15. Season Finale- F???? K??????? VS T??? T????? VS J???? W????? J? (Controllers of the Big 3)

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