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Epic Rap Battles of Pixelation 5




Super Smash Bros

You see, Slenderman: Me kicking your skinny ass. That's how it ends.
— Master Hand
Master Hand battled Slenderman in Epic Rap Battles of Pixelation 5.

Information on the RapperEdit

is a right hand-like entity who acts as the creator of the Super Smash Bros. universe and is also the creator of the World of Trophies. He is the final antagonist of the Super Smash Bros series. He is only playable in the games through hacking, but in Melee, a glitch exists that makes him playable. Master Hand's origins are unknown and his and Crazy Hand's purposes are undiscovered. However, Master Hand and Crazy Hand seem to respectively represent creation and destruction.


Verse 1:Edit

Slender, sir. I've been waiting for you.

You really think your scary? Guess what? Boo!!

You've been hiding in your forest for too long now.

I can end you with just a boom, bam, and pow!

You may be pretty tall, but beware!

You really want to challenge me? You wouldn't dare.

I am elegant, you think you're formal in a suit,

I'm the Master of you, and that's the truth.

Verse 2:Edit

Well, you're fit, but your raps are shit.

Oh, sorry for being a bit explicit.

I'm not usually mad, but you've pushed me to my limits.

I'll Final Smash your ass to Slender bits.

Stop waiting for pages, and come fight me!

I'm so good, I won't even need to be trying.

My bro may be a bit crazy, but you don't even have any friends!

You see, Slenderman: Me, kickin' your skinny ass. That's how it ends.