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Get Miner 49er, the Zombie, and Captain Cutler to kick your asses.
— Masked Figure

Masked Figure battled Guy Fawkes, The Mask, Phantom of the Opera, and Zorro in Guy Fawkes vs. The Mask.

Information on the RapperEdit

The Evil Masked Figure (also known as the Evil Masked Guy) was a masked villain. He wears a metal mask and gloves, the mask has hair running from the top and he also wears a long black cloak. The masked figure is a cryptic person, leaving clues around like any old villian. He is shown to be very smart, as no one else could figure out how to stop the machine. He stole the costumes of the monsters from the Coolsonian Criminology Museum and brought some of the monsters back to life (such as Pterodactyl Ghost, Black Knight Ghost, 10,000-Volt Ghost, Skeleton Men, Cotton Candy Glob, Zombie, Miner 49er, Captain Cutler, and the Tar Monster). The Evil Masked Figure was really Heather Jasper Howe who was in fact Jonathan Jacobo, the original Pterodactyl Ghost who wanted revenge against Mystery Inc..


Verse 1Edit

Don't. Even. Start.

Bringin me up just made you look like a retard.

Get Miner 49er, the Zombie, and Captain Cutler to kick your asses.

You all rap so slow, you get beat by molasses.

You all are from history, but I am the current masked man.

It's in my name punk, just try to beat me now, man!