R. L. Stine vs. K. A. Applegate

Marco appeared in R. L. Stine vs. K. A. Applegate.

Information on the CameoEdit

Marco is a fictional character and one of the six protagonists of K. A. Applegate's Animorphs series. His last name is never mentioned. Marco is the self-proclaimed comic relief; in several books, he states it's a responsibility. He's also the one who coined the word "Animorphs", a portmanteau of "animal morphers". Marco's sense of strategy proves essential to the Animorphs' missions, although his methods can be somewhat ruthless, tending towards philosophy of the end justifying the means.

Appearance in R. L. Stine vs. K. A. ApplegateEdit

In R. L. Stine vs. K. A. Applegate, Marco appeared when K. A. Applegate said "Even Marco would be scarier than your "horrors".".

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