Battle number Battle name                                Date released              Discription

  1.  Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong vs Pacman and Ms. Pacman April 27th 2013 Donkey Kong (game) antagonist Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy Kong's Quest protagonist Diddy Kong vs Pacman protagonist Pacman and Ms. Pacman protagonist Ms. Pacman They go up against each other to see who has the best classic game Donkey Kong (game) or Pac Man
  2. Ness vs Marth May 4th 2013 Earthbound protagonist Ness vs Fire Emblem protagonist Marth They go up against each other to see who is more popular in Japan
  3. Woody vs Dora & Boots May 12th 2013 Toy Story penultimate protagonist Woody vs Dora The Explorer protagonist Dora and penultimate protagonist Boots They go up against each other to see who makes better media
  4. Toad vs Fruit Ninja vs Solid Snake May 24th 2013 Wario Woods protagonist Toad vs Ninja Kiwi protagonist Fruit Ninja vs Metal Gear protagonist Solid Snake They go up against each other just to make the first rap in the series with a 3rd party character

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