Legendary Rap Battles are a fanmade rap series made by Captain Warrior.

Season 1:Edit

1.Tarzan vs Spider-Man

2. Morgan Freeman vs Betty White

3. Ronald McDonald vs Colonel Sanders

4. Bob Marley vs Johnny Cash

5. Slender Man vs Count Dracula

6. Mike Tyson vs Iron Man

7. Sonic the Hedgehog vs Pacman

8. Coming soon!

9. Coming soon!

10. Coming soon!

11. Coming soon!

12. Coming soon!

Season 2:Edit

1. Coming Soon!

2. Coming Soon!

3. Coming Soon!

4. Coming Soon!

5. Coming Soon!

6. Coming Soon!

7. Coming Soon!

8. Coming Soon!

9. Coming Soon!

10. Coming Soon!

11. Coming Soon!

12. Coming Soon!

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