Lara Croft


Epic Rap Battles of Four4 3



Lara Croft appeared in Epic Rap Battles of Four4 3 and would be played by Ceciley Jenkins. She battled against Steve.


Verse 1:Edit

You wanna raid my tomb?

All the guys do.

I'm hot, I'm brave, and I'm bringing it too.

I explore many tombs and you explore caves,

Your Lego brick arms can't allow you to wave.

I'm a British Boss who is real groovy.

Can't touch me, Jolie played me in the movies.

Creepers from behind are your worst fear,

And me? I've never shed a tear.

Verse 2:Edit

Your daytimes only last ten minutes,

Notch didn't go for accuracy much?

I'm a legend known worldwide,

You can't even look side-to-side.


  • Lara Croft is the first female character in the series.

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