K. A.


R. L. Stine vs. K. A. Applegate


R. L. Stine

Let me Ax you a question. How many of your books are actually scary?
— K. A. Applegate

K. A. Applegate battled R. L. Stine in R. L. Stine vs. K. A. Applegate.

Information on the RapperEdit

Katherine Alice Applegate (born July 19, 1956) is an American writer, best known as the author of the Animorphs, Remnants, Everworld and other book series. For her recent novel The One and Only Ivan she won the 2013 Newbery Medal. Applegate's most popular books are science fiction, fantasy, and adventure novels. She won the Best New Children's Book Series Award in 1997 in Publishers Weekly. Her book Home of the Brave has won two awards. She has recently written an early chapters series called Roscoe Riley Rules.


Verse 1Edit

Let me Ax you a question. How many of your books are actually scary?

Actually give give Goosebumps? Those chances are wary!

I got the best book series Everworld saw.

Your stories make me as sick as Fever Swamp!

Stop living and stay out of my basement, you monster blood eating freak!

I'll send you to get eaten by your beast of the east!

Verse 2Edit

Get off the mike, Robert.

Even Marco would be scarier than your "horrors".

You got people scared of a doll, one turned to a dog.

There's where you copied me, I swear that was wrong.

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