Epic Rap Battles of Pixelation 2





You can't get over here, but you're welcome in the Nether.
— Herobrine
Herobrine battled Bomberman in Epic Rap Battles of Pixelation 2.

Information on the RapperEdit

Herobrine is a mythical character from the Minecraft game. He is believed to be hiding when the render distance is set to tiny. Herobrine is also a Creepypasta, and he has multiple mods, animations, and songs on Minecraft dedicated to him.


Verse 1:Edit

Ha! Me? Against a little alien?

You make me laugh. But seriously, I'll smash your face in.

You're easy, compared to me, you're just weak!

Some TNT, and the whole crowd'll be cheering!

You seem to not be scared.

That'll all change soon, my rhymes won't be bared.

Just try to step in my lair, it's like your games' mazes,

You'll be left in dazes by my raging gazes.

Verse 2:Edit

No diamond sword? What about a creeper blast?

I can foresee in this battle, you will not last.

Boom! How does it feel to be cursed forever?

You can't get over here, but you're welcome in the Nether.

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