Happy Appy vs. Midget Apple


Midget Apple

I could even help them from being annoyed by that Orange-ry!
— Happy Appy

Happy Appy battled Midget Apple in Happy Appy vs. Midget Apple.

Information on the RapperEdit

Happy Appy is a creepypasta of a cancelled show on Nick Jr. The original show depicted an talking apple named “Happy Appy” that taught kids how to handle certain injuries. At first, it seems normal, however, after a couple of episodes, it gets progressively worse and worse. After their final, and only 8th episode, it was only 2 hours when Noggin removed all traces of the show happening. Most known about the show is that 2001 reports say the episode seemed to depict happenings of 9/11, even though the episode was shown in 1999.


Verse 1Edit

Happy Appy here to save kids from their injuries.

I could even help them from being annoyed by that Orange-ry!

You got one time to shine, then you let the rest of the cast get crushed by a sign!

You did the crime, but no one made you do the time!

Your rhymes need a bandage, just step into my van.

You are stupid to think you can win, but that's just natural, my friend.

Verse 2Edit

At least I can walk, you piece of shit.

Children love me more than Mr. Rogers, battle that, clit.

Get away from my van, I don't have time to help you, sick.

Just go off and get sliced by Forenzik!