the thumnail thanks to my frend MrAwsum300

Hi everybody it's fifth of july here. This is my new batle seres called Epic Rap Batles of July. my speling is a little beter as well as my gramer. Let's get rolling on to epic rap batles of july nuber 1.

Rap BatleEdit

Epic rap batles of july!

Patric Star!




Patric Star: Oh hi there Gofy I'm Patric

I lye around all day and I wishh I had a hamock

But a hamock woodn't hold up good underwatar

And by the way I wached your Diznee cartoons

And there not very funy and you're two gofy

Gofy: Gosh Patric talk about silly

You're a wily silly Billy and your friend is always hapy

No, this is Gofy not Patric.

I am not a Krusty Krab, I am Gofy

You couldn't evan tell the diferince betwen your parants

Yeah your shoow was funy but its dumb now and foor kids

Patric: Wow Gofy that was bad

I mean, relly, that was not good

I'm dum and evan I know that wasn't good

By the way Mr. Crebs wants to steel your munee

And Sqidwurd wants to keel you becuz your inturupted his clirinet leson

Gofy: You no what? I'm dun. I don't like you.

I want Dunuld Duc to take ovar.






Dunuld Duc: Woah I'm a duc

You suc! starfishs!

And I am relly mad! Becuz your show is dumb now!

I used to like it, especaly the episud wher you got a truphy

When you talk you're like Garee

All you do is meow

Meow meow meow, that's what you do

Who wun?

The poll was created at 17:46 on April 27, 2013, and so far 3 people voted.

Stay tuned for more of these batles.

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