Happy Appy vs. Midget Apple

Forenzik appeared in Happy Appy vs. Midget Apple.

Information on the CameoEdit

Little is known about Forenzik. He stalked Gerasim, who wrote blogs in 2011 about the show Happy Appy. Forenzik is a name given to him by Gerasim. He killed Kevin Costo, who worked on Happy Appy, and was a friend to Gerasim, Tristan Yae, the voice actor for Happy Appy, and Miranda, a girl from a Happy Appy episode who Forenzik didn't like. He was always hunched over, presumably 6'9 when not hunched. He has red eyes and sharp finger nails. He was found at an old camp site by Gerasim. His arm was then cut off. He has three possible real identities, as Forenzik is just given to him by Gerasim. They are: Tristan Drews, John Tresti, and John Wilkinson.

Appearance in Happy Appy vs. Midget AppleEdit

In Happy Appy vs. Midget Apple, Forenzik appeared when Happy Appy said "Just go off and get sliced by Forenzik!", and Forenzik showed off his claw-like fingernails.