Welcome to Fantasy Wars

If you want one of these characters then comment and if you are the only one or know the most about that character I will add you to that person. Once you have a person make an side arrival to this and I will decide who you fight until there is only one man standing. If you do not want to be that character comment it and I will change it. If you have a suggestion comment it and if it is good I will put it on here.

Link (legend of zelda) Mario (super Mario) Bowser (super Mario) Ganondorf (legend of zelda) Superman (superman) Batman (batman) Kratos (god of war) Dragonborn (skyrim) Zelda (legend of zelda) Peach (super Mario) Yoshi (super Mario) Kirby (Kirby) Luigi (super Mario) Pikachu (pokemon) Ness (Earthbound)

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