The main maker, mario! versus...

The fastest in the universe, sonic! begin!

Mario Edit

LETS-A GO! against this prick!

My rhymes slicker than slick!

Wanna win? you've been tricked!

And the clock goes tick...

BOOM! time to explode this idiot with a bob-omb!

You'll finally notice.. that i am the bomb!

You'll know i am the destroyer, once i release another game!

I'd rather shoot myself than listen to this ingrate!

Sonic Edit

Okay, prepare to be hit by my own speed!

Get ready, Mario! your about to get creamed!

I'm an sega sensation! all across the nations!

Once you fight this sonic explosion, you better be prayin'!

Time for this little crap to go back to hell!

Nintendo vs Sega, who wins? i'll tell!

You lost immediately,No way to beat me!

I'ma kill ya'! Now call me .exe!

You beat king koopa, but he keeps coming back!

Get ready, cause this shell is about to go crack!

Link Edit

Hold up there sonic, you didn't mess with the sensation!

I'm a slashing, fightin', adventurer! across the nations!

You better run away! to the last day!

I'm gonna hack ya, like mariomades!

Your doomed to an eternity, theres no way to face me!

I'm killin' ya! your dead, so you all scream "EEEEEE"

Time to slash, bash, crash, and do everything out of mind!

I'm seeking your doom, in this room, your gonna die!

This is your last day!

Slashing until your own delay!

I'm done with this battle, you both were finished easily!

Hey Mario, you are an idiot, just like Luigi!

Mega-man Edit

Shut up, link! your dead in my game!

Good graphics, made by Capcom! All of you are just the same!

Blasting my mega blaster at you, once you fight me, there's nothing you can do!

All moves, tried and true!

Once i'm done with you guys, you'll be like my suit.. BLUE!

Your tried you best, but you failed all miserably!

I'm done with these idiots, just try and compete to me!

These idiots are done! like any other character, creamed!