Ryu, the tireless fighter.. against!

The flaming demon, scorpion.. begin!

Ryu Edit

Time to start this fight with a flash!

First time to beat your ass!

Using my hadouken! Your about to get crashed!

Using my shoryuken to blast you away!

You'll truly be doomed once your in my game!

Your end is neigh, bud! you call yourself legendary?

You are as soft as a cat, but you think you are scary!

Scorpion Edit

Step out, bud! This'll just get fatal!

You keep fighting your friend.. Now that's true betrayal!

Your dead, finished bud! get out of my game!

Try and fight me, but your always the same!

Remember this bub, the end is near!

You'll really be dead once i grab my spear!

Ken Edit

Hey bud, flames everywhere! Gonna kill you!

Once you fight the good ken, there's nothing you can do!

Scorpion shut up, your an idiot without a class!

Ryu, get the hell out, before i beat your ass!

Sub-zero Edit

Shut up ken! Frozen and dead, no way out!

You all are idiots, not knowing what about!

Why don't you three run out and kill yourselves?

Once you fight sub-zero you are sure to see hell!




Epic! *frozen* *breaks out* RAP BATTLES OF ULTIMATE!!

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