Hey there I'm laithXRDL55 and I'm making a series of rap battles but I really need your help if anyone would volounteer to make beats for me and/or Itunes covers so I can make the battles into videos but anyways I have them as regular lyrics so I hope you enjoy, and I would love any feedbacks or recommendations for future battles.

Epic XRDL Rap Battles of History 1 George Washington Vs Captain AmericaEdit

Epic XRDL Rap Battles of History

Captain America


George Washington


Captain America:

Wait,when were you,elected as president

I don’t even think that,your education was relevant

Stop rapping, go eat Ronaldo’s Brazilian nuts

I would fight with you, but you don’t even have the guts

Washington D.C., Didn’t you name that?

You didn’t live there ‘cuz you are a wooden horseshoe bat

You’re ashamed,to shake hands,with your people

Well, at least, they can chew an apple

George Washington:

Stop! I lost my teeth but at least I kept my mother

I’ll bring Peggy Carton, and then I’ll fuck her

You nominated you’re self as president, then ran away

While, I’m the first president, in the USA

The first avenger, that’s more like a stranger

I bet people mistake you with the blue power ranger

You’re 94 years old, your end is near

Today you'll wave goodbye, to your career

Captain America:

You just talk, but do nothing when on the field

I'll block your fucking rhymes by, using my shield

I will make you scream "Captain America is extreme"

I'm loyal to nothing except to the destruction of your dream

George Washington:Edit

You can't beat me, I AM WASHINGTON

Did you say anythin', or you're about to begin

With you're puny little eyes and, crocodile skin

I don't know why you're rapping, America knows that I'll win 

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EEEEEEEpic (America) XRDL Rap Battles of history

Rap MeaningsEdit

Captain America:Edit

Line 1: He is saying thet George Washington is very old and no one cares about him

Line 2: George Washington stopped school at an early age

Line 3: One of George's favourite foods were Brazillian nuts and Ronaldo is a famous Brazilian footballer so he is basically saying that George Washington should suck Ronaldo's dick

Line 4: Captain America says that George is scared from him

Line 5: Introduction to the second verse and Washington named Washington

Line 6: He says that George didn't live their because he loved wood and wooden-horseshoe bat is a type of bat.

Line 7: George Washington didn't shake hands with people

Line 8: He is saying that because Washington lost all of his teeth at a certain age so he couldn't chew an apple

George Washington:Edit

Line 1: Captain America's mother died when he was young but George's didn't also he replied on his last line

Line 2: Peggy Carter is Captain America's love. So he makes fun of her name and says that he'll fuck her

Line 3: A joke marvel made was to make Captain America in the elections but then they removed it

Line 4: George Washington is the first president in the USA

Line 5: He is saying that Captain America is a stranger

Line 6: Captain America is blue so George says that he is unrecognized that peopke will think that he is the blue power ranger.

Line 7: Washington says that the Captain is very old and that he will end soon 

Line 8: Ordering Captain America to stop what he's doing because his career will end

Captain America:Edit

Line 9: He is saying that George can't perform actions that will help or take some effort

Line 10: Captain America's shield blocks everything so he will block George's annoying rhymes

Line 11: The Captain tells is that he will make Washington obey him and be afraid of him.

Line 12: George Washington's dreams will be destroyed by Captain America

George Washington:Edit

Line 9: It's simply just saying that Captain America can't beat George

Line 10: He is making fun of The Captain's verses becase he didn't feel that this was a battle

Line 11: George is making fun of Captain America's look

Line 12: Finally Washington states that this battle has no meaning because the USA knows that Washington will win

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  • This is the first Epic XRDL Rap Battle
  • It is the only battle to contain two people from the same country

Epic XRDL Rap Battles of History 2 Usain Bolt Vs. Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Epic Rap Battles of History

Usain Bolt 


Sonic the Hedgehog


Usain Bolt:Edit

I’m Usain, also known as the lightnin’ bolt

If I was electrical I’ll be faster than 1,000,000 volts

You’re called sonic yeah, I heard about you

Listen hedgehog I’ll hand you back to your zoo

I raced Beijing and won with untied shoes

You want to be a roasted hedgehog will you choose

Makin’ 20 mills a year, can you beat that?

I need the same amount of paper to list everything you suck at


You know why I'll beat you, 'cuz I run forward and backwards

The one thing that I can’t count, is the number of my awards

Suck it bitch I can run faster than 3,000 km per hour

You’re a sweaty black man you really need a shower

I’m making gaming awesome since 1991

You want to race 3 miles? Whoop I’m done

Run as fast as you can with your stomach full of nuggets

While I'm getting my bullets between your mom's brackets

Usain Bolt:

As long as I'm in great shape, nobody beats me, for sure

You're just a donkey kong rippoff, while I'm on a world tour

I'm destroying world records, getting gold medals

While you're on the line waiting to make out with knuckles

Look, there's a lightning bolt, well think fast

Sorry I didn't realize, that this'll make a blast

(Sonic gets striked by a lightning bolt and explodes so what will happen no... What is this red thing running so fast it's the "The Flash")

The Flash:Edit

Hey it's scarlet speedster in the house, did you know that?

I saw you once in a parrallel universe actually running fast

From my speed I can time travel, so I would kill you in the past

And then finally I can get rid of this Jamaican dick at last

You battled sonic well this'll sure be different

Well let's have race, I'll walk while you'll sprint

Yea I remembered now you're the dog in the disney movie right

Sorry I can't respect you, 'cuz you're black while I'm white

I don't care about the money you make in dollars or cash

I saved the world, shut up, 'cuz you just got owned by the flash

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Epic *swift of air* XRDL Rap Battles of History 

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  • This is the first battle to have more than 2 rappers
  • Bolt in the disney movie is reffered to in this battle
  • Flash had the longest verse in all the battles

Epic XRDL Rap Battles of History 3 Lara Croft Vs. Indiana JonesEdit

Epic XRDL Rap Battles of History

File:LC vs IJ.png

Indiana Jones 


Lara Croft


Lara CroftEdit

You want to battle with the tomb raider, I think you got that wrong

You got doomed by a temple, but you still think you’re strong

Really, what’s with your name, Indiana that’s very lame

I think we all know that there are your parents to blame

You think you’re a real man you’re fucking afraid of snakes

Both your life and your birth, were huge mistakes

Can’t handle this you bitch, I’m the world’s best adventurist

I’m Angelina Jolie mutha fucka, I’m the best, you’re just a pest

Indiana Jones

You think that you’re actually better than me, haha that’s funny

Dislike the name INDIAna, I’ll swing my liana up your vaCHINA honey

I have the properties to survive, stay alive, while you cry when you kill

You’ll never be a great treasure hunter like me ‘cuz that takes skill

Even Woody Allen has more courage than you, and you’re crew

Fuck you, Nathan Drake destroys you, IGN also states that it’s true

While I’m at the top of the movie business, I am dominant, that’s your end

Go to Samantha your girlfriend, ‘cuz you got destroyed by the true legend

Lara Croft

I’ll burry you in this tomb, and then send you to the underworld

Check the movie list, it has truly differed, the world moved on

You haven’t made a movie since 2008, you're not a blockbuster, you're not even straight

This is an advice for you Jones, stop rapping and well that just will be great.

Indiana Jones

I hunt for treasures, you’re just a game that’ll get a downgrade

Just dodging some boulders, while you’re waiting to get laid

To get with the last lines "angel of darkness", I bet you’ll love my last verse

Don’t try to battle Nazi, prostitute, whore or anythin’, you’re just the worse

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