Epic Sounding Battles of History is the series where I, S0UND3FX69 aka. the person that used to be Super Mysterious will be making a comeback & will most likely be making major improvements hence putting the word sounding instead of rap to hint at me not being able to promise how this will go. The Epic "Sounding" Battles of History are listed below.

List of BattlesEdit

Season 1

  • Ash Ketchum vs. Gingka Hagane (released on Monday June 29th, 2015)
  • Agent 47 vs. Niko Bellic (released on Tuesday June 30th, 2015))

Rap Battle DescriptionsEdit

Season 1

  • Ash Ketchum vs. Gingka Hagane (2 anime characters (Ash Ketchum from Pokémon & Gingka Hagane from Beyblade) rap against each other to see if Pokémon or Beyblade is the better concept.)
  • Agent 47 vs. Niko Bellic (A hitman goes against a hired-gun to see what job is better to have.)

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