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ERBoF4 is a mini-series started by Four4 that showcases some of the battles that most likely will not be done.

Season 1Edit

The battles in Season 1:

  • Ronald McDonald vs the Joker
  • Finn and Jake vs Link
  • Lara Croft vs Steve
  • George Washington vs Uncle Sam
  • Fidel Castro vs Julius Caesar
  • George Bush vs Pol Pot
  • Usher vs Jay-Z
  • Iron Man vs Mega Man
  • Judy Garland vs Taylor Swift
  • Pope Francis vs Margaret Thatcher

Season 2Edit

Axis Powers vs Allied Nations

Sonic/Tails vs Banjo/Kazooie (with Dragonsblood23)

Marco Polo vs Jack Sparrow (with DexterMaximus)

Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson

Hugh Hefner vs Susan B. Anthony

G.I. Joe vs George Patton

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