Ben 10 vs. Ash Ketchum


Ash Ketchum

Diamondhead battled Ash Ketchum as one of the four aliens Ben used, along with ChamAlien, XLR8, and NRG.

Information on the RapperEdit

Diamondhead is a Petrosapien (Petro is a Greek term referring to rocks, sapien referring to an intelligent being; Petrosapien would mean "intelligent rock") from the planet Petropia (a combination of Petro and topos, forming a word similar to "rock place"). The planet was destroyed by Vilgax with a help of Tetrax, who unknowingly helped him create the weapon that destroyed it. This was originally the case, but in "The Secret of Chromastone", it was revealed that the object used to destroy Petropia was a crystal that must be used by Sugilite (the Crystalsapien whose DNA was used for the sample of Chromastone) to recreate the planet. Petropia was reborn in this episode, and all Petrosapiens now resemble Ben's Diamondhead form.


Verse 1Edit

Cause I'm harder.

[He presses it and becomes ChamAlien]