Obey me minions, for I am the true real erb fan. Banning me from the erb wiki, where all you pathetic losers without a life, are assembled. Under the command of these so called authorities, Tesla, Back to the Futurama, Scraw, Nighthawk and many more, you have betrayed me and lost your mind! For I never sockpuppeted, just created the other accounts as a backupp, but you all don't believe me. Even my former friends betrayed me and are now back on the base, talkin' behind my back about how much of a douchbag I am... Is it... For I have been among you for long and many times. I have been a user, you all know, and I will stay among you, with my own techniques and manners. You shall not find out, until the day comes I throw ofver Steeler's power and you all will recognize me for the awesome guy I really am. 

RTP, thanks for your trust, I saw what you tried to do for me.

MrAwesome300, thanks for not telling them who I am among you guys.

Tesla, just wanted to say Hi, and that I have contact within the original wiki organisation and they shalll give me all my rights back in a while.

Dragonsblood, i will fight you again, so prepare your verses wannabe.